What is Bright Spots Friday?

Motivation is desire. It’s the drive to want something, but motivation is often fleeting!

Motivation to do something, to take action, to make it happen. Is often way more important that it is to know exactly what to do, or have the perfect plan. Starting and getting it done. Getting the ball rolling. Starting the snowball, is the hardest, but most important part of the journey.

Because once it’s moving. It’s easier to KEEP it moving.

Why does this matter?
Well, your desire to do something is far more of a determining factor for success than anything else really.

Where does this come into my exercise?
Your desire to turn up and get your training done, doing something fun and enjoyable. Far outweighs the need for the perfect programming or the most detailed session, or the 100000%, sure to net you 10kg of muscle mass in a week plan.

Here’s what we do know about motivation:

  1. Success has to happen before you’ll become motivated
  2. Success has to KEEP happening for you to STAY motivated
  3. We don’t always recognize our success when it happens. We’re often pretty hard on ourselves.

Success has to happen before you become motivated:
Gyms provide access. We aren’t just a gym.
We provide results. Long lasting, long term, lifestyle changing results.

We track our progress in the Chalk It App. We log our levels and see our colours increase. We celebrate PB’s by ringing the bell. We celebrate level increases by getting an email certificate.
All of these things show you the success that you’re achieving.
All of these things also show you the success that you’re continuing to achieve.

Bright Spots Friday is our chance to recognize the achievements that we’re making every week.
It’s a chance to celebrate what we’ve achieved, no matter how small – It’s still an achievement and a step forward.
One small step forward multiple times per week adds up to a hell of a lot more over the course of a year than big leaps forward every 6 months.
One small step forward a few times per week (Even just by showing up), is the success that keeps on happening, that means you’ll keep on being motivated to continue.

Bright Spots Friday is our chance to recognise the achievements that we’re making each week, and allow us to keep on being motivated to continue.

This week, post a Bright Spots Friday in the Chalk It chat. Celebrate some steps forward in the right direction, no matter how small.

Posting can feel weird to start with, you’ll be reluctant. You’ll think “Who cares about my achievements”, “No one wants to know about what I did”, “I don’t even know these people that well”.
Then start with boosting someone else up! I can guarantee you saw someone in class this week and thought “wow, they killed it!” – It doesn’t have to be their name at the top of the leaderboard, it doesn’t have to be the quickest time or the heaviest load or the most rounds. None of that really matters.
But you will have seen someone do something, put in a special effort, or worked really hard – Boost them up, shout them out for the effort they are making.

It also doesn’t HAVE to be about exercise. It can be anything, it can be “I got the confidence to ask for a pay rise at work” or “I cooked an entire week of food for the first time” – It can be anything. A win is a win. A step in the right direction, a step forward is still adding to the motivation bucket.

But if it’s easier, start with something exercise related. Pick something you or someone else did RIGHT, or did BEST, or for the FIRST time this week and share it in the Chalk It chat on Friday!

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