Goals are life changing….

According to the research fewer than 3% of people write down their goals.

You can think of goals as destinations. It’s hard to reach a destination when you don’t know where that is.
Having goals gives you direction. It gives you purpose in what you’re doing. It gives your actions meaning.

Think of it like this, you put on your shoes, throw your coat over your shoulder and you walk down your stairs. You open your front door and step out into the cold. You turn left and you walk down the street. You pass the other houses on the street, the trees, the parked cars, you reach the end of the street – Where are you going? What are you doing? What was the point?

Exactly that. There wasn’t any, there was no goal, no direction, no point.

This can be applied in exactly the same way to your exercise or your training. We all know we need to exercise, to sweat, to move, to build strength because it’s good for us. Some of us even enjoy it! But it’s a lot more difficult to keep going, to keep pushing and to keep showing up without goals.

Talking to a coach about your goals sets your starting point.
Writing down your goals sets your destination.
A path and vision of reaching those goals is the vehicle.
A structured, setp by step plan to get you there is the fuel.

Having goals gives you direction. It gives your actions meaning.

We sit down with our members at least every 90 days to talk about their goals and what they want to achieve. We write down goals, set targets, build a path and then set the plan to get there. Whether that plan includes CrossFit classes, One-on-one Personal Training, Nutrition coaching or a mix of all three, we build plans to help our members actually get the lasting results they want.

Do you want to have direction to your exercise?
Do you want to reach your goals?

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