What is a Goal Review?

We know what goals are and why they’re important (If you read this blog post about why goals are important – Click here to read)

We do Goal Reviews and Goal Setting sessions with members to help set goals, because we understand the importance of having goals, and we want to help you reach them.

But what really is a Goal Review?
In short, obviously, it’s a review of your goals. But what does that mean?
It really means three things:

  1. You’re going to set some goals
  2. You’re going to understand why you’ve set those goals and why they’re important to you
  3. You’re going to set the plan to those goals

How do you do this?
You sit down with a coach, and talk through it in a structured fashion, writing down what you want, why you want it then setting the plan to get to the goals you’ve set.
You then review this in 12 weeks time and go through the process again reviewing what you set last time, seeing if you’ve achieved it, then setting the new goals, new why and new plan. This process continues, so on and so on.

The first step is setting goals.
These can have a huge range within them, from being able to run for 200m without stopping, all the way through to doing 12 unbroken muscle ups and everything in between.
There is no incorrect or wrong goal. These goals are yours. If they aren’t really your goals, you’ll find out in the next step because you won’t know why they’re important to you.

Why are these goals important to you?
This is the next question. Understanding why you want to achieve something or why a goal is important to you is hugely important in helping you adhere to the process of achieving them. A deeper why, or a deeper connection to wanting to achieve the goal is going to be a far more powerful draw to the process of completing the steps along the way than anything else is going to be.

So how do you reach the goals?
The final step after you’ve set the goals and now understand why you want to achieve them is the path to reaching the goals.
There can often be numerous ways to get there. Some of which can often be very direct and at the cost of other things, some of which can be very meandering and end up tailing off as you lose interest.
We help you find the best path, that best suits you, your time-frame, your schedule and your why.
We break throught the noise out there and help you focus on setting a structured plan to help you reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

This is what a Goal Review is about.
It’s about you actually getting success in whatever form that looks like for you.
The goal review is there to help you set a path to what you want to achieve and stop meandering and losing interest or not getting the results that you want.
We help you set the path by showing you the directions that are available to you for getting you to your goal.

Want to set your goals?
Want to understand why they matter to you?
Want to set a plan to get there?
Reach out to a coach and book in a Goal review

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