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How Progressions Help You Get Better Faster

We use a lot of drills and progressions in our CrossFit group class coaching. We take an approach to CrossFit where we do less, with…

What Is Our Group Nutrition Course?

We help people get stronger, healthier and happier for life. A big piece of that comes from making nutrition and lifestyle habit changes. One of…

May CrossFit Programming Overview | Podcast

In our CrossFit Class programming for May, you can expect some deadlift strength, along with kettlebell endurance. In this podcast episode, you can hear about…

April Programming Overview

Listen to the first episode of the CrossFit Canning Town Podcast to listen for what is going to coming up in our CrossFit Class Programming

What is a Goal Review?

The goal review is there to help you set a path to what you want to achieve and stop meandering and losing interest or not getting the results that you want.

What is Bright Spots Friday?

Bright Spots Friday is our chance to recognize the achievements that we’re making every week.

2023 CFCT CrossFit Open

It’s that time of year again…..It’s the CrossFit Open! What is the CrossFit Open?In CrossFits’ words: The CrossFit Open is a three-week international competition where…

Goals are life changing….

According to the research fewer than 3% of people write down their goals. You can think of goals as destinations. It’s hard to reach a…

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